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that song, like everything, is about me


—Leo men and Virgo women have a high chance of success. Both signs are perfectionists, and known to be demanding. It is hard to imagine a more perfect combination than Leo man and Virgo woman if Virgo goes all in. If anyone can make serious inroads into their virgin territory it’s the King of Beasts. Leos are outgoing socialites, whereas Virgos are more happy spending their time at home, relaxing, or pampering themselves. Something a Leo loves as well. This opposite in personality is actually beneficial. It creates the pure part of the relationship that allows you to be secure within yourself. This team does not need to spend every minute together in order to know they are in love. Virgo women love to be flattered, and a Leo man loves his arm candy. He won’t hesitate to show you off. 

Leo’s can be overbearing, and sometimes too critical for a Virgo, and is extremely demanding and bossy, telling the Virgo woman what to do, how to dress, and where you can and cannot go. This can cause the Virgo woman to rebel, refusing to be dominated. Eventually a fight will ensue. These are usually massive explosions. However, these extreme outbursts end quickly when the pair is able to avoid each other at these times. Despite the clash in perfectionism, their degree of success remains high because of their degree of harmony and strong attraction. Virgo women are extremely sexual, just as Leo men. They’re ferocious, and become masters of their domain in the bedroom. Though Virgos have a tendency to come off cold-hearted(usually on purpose). The Virgo woman likes to make her man act like a man. She expects to be courted, something Leo’s are known for doing remarkably well. But this Virgo coldness(even purposely) can turn off any man in most signs, except a Leo. The colder a Virgo gets, the hotter the Leo man becomes. It becomes his quest to set fire to the spark, and bring his Virgo woman out of her cage, distracting her from her every day life. This is normally a daunting task for most men. But the Leo man knows just what to do and say to get his Virgo woman the way he wants her.

A Virgo can enact or bring to fruition what Leo organizes or decides better than any other sign. When they work together, they work well, creating more harmony and almost no discomfort. These signs love of order and perfection makes them specially bonded. Outside of the bedroom, they make great friends. This is one of the main reasons they are led to a lasting relationship. They both find enjoyment in the time spent together cleaning or working on a project. Since Virgo women are great listeners, and have a keen sense of awareness in others, this match can stay together and united as long as the Virgo uses her abilities to encourage the Leo man, instead of making him change his attitude. Through the screaming matches they may frequently incur, they still make the relationship work since neither sign feels the need to hold a grudge. Both signs are built with an internal flame that makes for heated arguments. The same flame that leads for the passionate love life. That makes a unique and fair middle ground for them both, since both will often be turned on by the sense of fight in the other during explosive arguments. Together they bring out the very best in one another.  They are hard-working, loyal, dutiful, responsible, respectable, and careful about each other’s feelings.  There is no reason why this partnership should not last a lifetime.—

Yes, me and one of the Sprouse Bros would make a great couple. lol. Oh! Just let me dream people!