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I love when the warm weather comes looming he ardently rejoiced as his brawny legs sprawled out across the grass. You turn into a little old lady drinking tea on her porch in her creaking rocking chair. I love it. And I love you. I could sit here silently watching you for hours and get lost in the squeak of worn out metal as you sway swiftly back and forth.

His voice was gruff but the words spilled out of him with ease; as gracefully as the sunshine that casted gold throughout his scruffy tendrils. His bony, barefeet tangled their toes with dried out grass the same shade as August grain.

My old man turned his head to the side, peering over to me with a wrinkled and reverent smile. I still love you.

I still love you… And I do. I love him.

I love him in silence and sunshine.

So simple.

I love him in-between hostile hands and wicked words.

Every detail.

He ran his sturdy hands across his face, lifting his arms and stretching them beyond his head. His shirt raised above his waist allowing the light to capture his bellybutton and the thick line of dark hair that strolls south. I heard a laugh fall from his mouth followed by a cheeky grin. I didn’t say anything, I only rose a brow and smirked, waiting for him to tell me what caught his amusement this time.

This is how I found you his misty eyes rearing straight into the surrounding rays of sun. This is how I found you first; face up on the ground, covered in sandy grass and leaves…veiled by a warm sun.

I continued to rock back and forth in my little old lady chair, legs cuddled up with a tea on my lap that had cooled slightly by the faint breeze that crossed my skin.

Look at us now, over a decade later. Look how far we’ve come he sighed.

I smiled adoringly back at him, look how far we’ve come. Now you love me.

He closed his eyes and laughed again, a quick, but echoing bellow let free into the air. Honey…I loved you 5 minutes later.

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when it’s too much even for your own standards

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Creepy gothic church ruin by Marmaduke. on Flickr


Creepy gothic church ruin by Marmaduke. on Flickr

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I’m cold
Like winter nights
On the Scottish Highlands
With stabbing winds
And bullet rainstorms
You’re warm
Like the north African sun
And you want to go home
I will dive
Into this loch
At the bottom of this mountain
It will freeze
For you
To glide
Your way to the brighter side
I will lay underneath
As you return to safety
And if can’t make it up
In time to breath
I will close my eyes
And Imagine you
Trying to help me
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Q: Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself, then pass this on to your 10 favourite followers (◠‿◠✿)

Hmmmm okay let’s see
1) I like my waffle house hash browns smothered, covered, and chunked.
2) I named my cat after philip seymour hoffman
3) My favorite color combination is turquoise and white with a splash of orange
4) Oasis is pretty much my favorite band and I have an Oasis tattoo on my right thigh of the lyrics to their song Magic Pie
5) I compare my current relationship to Meredith & Derek from Greys Anatomy

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Forgive DurdenToba The Tura
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This mess that you’ve made, it’s a six-foot grave. 
It’s a home for your lonesome bones that remain. 
We’ll disappear, but you’ll stay here to rot 
As The King of The Dark and Forgot.

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In love with you I am:
have always been,
Overgrown man
I revere your expanse
Wild and spacious
I love you
By the crescent moon lines
Of your waist,
I wait for you
I wait
and have loosened my
Skin like saltwater.

Fold your hands around me
As you like to do and
Lift me up to your mouth
Where below
Your shoulders hike like
Two hills
Swelling against the sun,
Climbing across
Tangerine horizons.

Swallow me once,
Or twice,
In your little, rosette kiss
If I can fit
That is
Then I will wander through
Your mouth
And kiss the ocean.

S.L. Voss (via slvoss)
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