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that song, like everything, is about me



untitled by adasinh on Flickr.

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[Tom’s] very lively in real life always seen singing and dancing and [Only Lovers Left Alive] was a serious film, does he get like that on set?

No I think if anything, although he would have to tell you that, I think it was a real effort for Tom to not smile.

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Lilac strands run across
Your head, like flowers,
Peach fuzz on your face,
Roving across your chin
Like the spikes of buds
Under the lush complexion
Of the arid Australian sun.

You open your mouth and
Nature falls out, tongues
Rearranging my anatomy
Happily, I calm my way
Through your absence,
On the foliage
That grows within your
Untamable tresses.

—    S.L. Voss (via slvoss)


Refined in Chicago. Morgante Wilson Architects.

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Damon Albarn for NME

What happened to this jacket?  It’s like the navy version of the one he wore in the Parklife era.

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My Red Wing Iron Rangers after a year and a half of abuse. 

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the last one killed me

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Coldplay - Magic